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Cilin Milk Douhua (Soft Tofu Pudding)

Milk-flavored Douhua (Soft Tofu Pudding) is an exclusive local specialty developed using premium, fresh, and richly flavored milk produced in the region to offer a natural, fresh, and tantalis-ing texture. The establishment adheres strictly to traditional rec-ipes and the products are 100% hand made, and is completely free from any plasticisers, milk powder, flavorings, or gypsum. The result is a most nutritious and healthy snack that helps con-sumers acquire and maintain healthy looks and complexions.
Business hours: 8 AM to 10 PM
Contact: No. 80, Section 2, Liouying Road, Liouying District, Tainan City

Qilin Milk Douhua (Soft Tofu Pudding)
Qilin Milk Douhua (Soft Tofu Pudding)