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Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm

Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm is located in Liouying District, Tainan City. Travelers from Lioujia District of Tainan City can head towards Nansi or Zengwun Reservoir for about 3 km, and arrive at the Resort Farm right next to 174 City Ex-pressway. The Park occupies a total area of over 30 hectares and is designed to conserve the natural ecosystems within its premises. Natural topography and landscapes as well as traditional farmland cultural resources were employed to the fullest extent. Since its opening, Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm has gained the respect and acknowledgment of the public for its well-designed park areas and dedicated man-agement.
The park can be divided into 3 ecosystems: The forest ecosystem includes over 200,000 individual plants of over 2000 species from the polar, temperate, and tropical zones, as well as a forest footpath measuring 10 km in length, making it one of the biggest natural gardens in Taiwan. The farm is home to a most diverse grove. Visitors can bask in an atmosphere filled with over two thousand types of phytoncides.
The park also contains 6 natural lake ecosystems: Swan boat lake, golf park in the lake, lake animal's island, taxus and cypress area, wild bird watching area, and water-fall landscape area.
The farm ecosystem is home to a vast grassy plain that al-lows you to run and roll about freely, fly a kite, or engage in other fun activities. Taiwan Island is, literally, an island shaped in the form of the island of Taiwan, and is planted with flowers and plants that represent each county, ar-ranged in a fashion so as to depict the distribution of Tai-wan's major rivers. The farm area is a demonstration zone displaying the various vegetables and crops. Bamboo houses are built according to traditional Taiwanese architecture. The bird park and animal island are designed to provide a sensational and educational ecosystem and food chain. Pro-fessional guides are also stationed to introduce rare and conserved species of animals and birds to park visitors. There is also a special golf park on a lake for golfers to expe-rience a most unique and exhilarating game.
Telephone: (06)699-0726 FAX: (06)699-1891
FAX: No. 25 (Farm), Nanhu, Guoyi Village, Liouying District, Tainan City 736

Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm
Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm