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Liouying Farmer's Association Milk Buns

The Bawong Dairy Farm area of Liouying District is Taiwan's largest milk producer, accounting for 16% of the country's total production. In addition to providing fresh milk to major milk vendors, the remaining amount is delivered to Madam Tien of the Liouying District Farmer's Association Consultation section to develop various milk products.
Nei Nei bao (buns of treasure) are 100% hand made from 100% natural ingredients. Fresh milk is delivered straight from the farms to the workshop where Madam Tien would then knead it with flour to create delicious buns. Contact information:
No. 77, Section 2, Liouying Road, Liouying District, Tainan City;
Business hours: 8 AM to 6 PM (open every day)

Liuying Farmer's Association Milk Buns
Liuying Farmer's Association Milk Buns