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Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm

Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm is located in Liouying District, Tai-nan City. Travelers from Lioujia District of Tainan City can head towards Nansi or Zengwun Reservoir for about 3 km, and arrive at the Resort Farm right next to 174 City Expressway. The Park occu-pies a total area of over 30 hectares and is designed to conserve the natural ecosystems within its premises. Natural topography and landscapes as well as traditional farmland cultural resources were employed to the fullest extent. Since its opening, Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm has gained the respect and acknowledgment of con-sumers for its well-designed park areas and dedicated management.
Telephone: (06)699-0726 FAX: (06)699-1891
FAX: No. 25 (Farm), Nanhu, Guoyi Village, Liouying District, Tai-nan City 736

Jiangnan Resort

No. 60, Syushan Village, Liouying District, Tainan City
The Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort of Tai Sugar Company is located at Liouying District, Tainan City. The Resort is surrounded by peaks and scenic lakes, offering refreshing views, natural shades, and beauteous lake vistas. Sunrises and sunsets offer an enchanting al-lure that can only be equaled by the fine Shanshui paintings of Jiangnan. The resort has a floor area of 3000 Ping (9,917 square me-ters, or 106,750 square feet). The reception hall has an impressive 7 meter tall ceiling decorated with checkered panels and large gray steel window grilles that achieve a delicate material balance of rigid and soft elements. Beige colored walls and stone flooring help add to the warmth, while black granite fountains were established at the rear to offer a multi-colored projection lighting as well as highlight-ing the beauty of rippling light. The left side of the main hall is con-nected to a western restaurant on the 1st floor as well as a gym and bar on the 2nd floor. The right side of the hall is a banquet hall and conference on the 1st hall and Gueihua Gardens Chinese Restaurant on the 2nd floor. Elevators bringing guests to their rooms are also located in this area. Fine designs can be evidently observed from the courtyard formed by the left and right wings of the resort. Cultured stone is used to decorate the central courtyard. Two central stone pil-lars, three dimensional steel constructs, and a shallow pool filled with white and gray pebbles complete the decor. Circulating water flowing from one side descends into the pool as a small waterfall. Lotus flowers and small fish complete the Zen-like settings for a most relaxing visage.