Welcome to Liouying

Liuying's old name is Chamuying (Camp of Field Inspection). When arriving at Taiwan, Prince Zheng Chenggong focused on achieving self-sufficient in feeding his men, emulating the policy of Tuntian (military farms) to station his men throughout Taiwan and creating new farming settlements.
Chamuying was established for the purpose of managing land surveys and distribution, and this camp eventually became the name of this District.

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Natural environment

Liuying District is situated to the north of Tainan City proper. The northern border of this district is composed of Jishui River, Guichong River, Sinying District, and Dongshan District.

Scope of Office Responsibilities

The District Office has 35 formal employees, with 1 District Executive, 1 Chief Secretary leading the Civil affairs, Community and Cultural Section, Social Affairs Section...

Introducing the District Executive

District Executive: Tien-tsai Li
Year of Birth: 1961
Academic background: Waterworks Engineering, Chiayi Agricultural College

Destinations and landmarks

Taikong Special Organic Farming Zone、Nan Yuan Garden Resort Farm、Ancient Grave of Chen Yung-hua、Balaoye's Ranch、Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort...