Introducing the District Office

Introducing the District Office

Scope of Office Responsibilities

The District Office has 35 formal employees, with 1 District Chief, 1 Chief Secretary leading the Civil affairs and Humanities Section, Social Affairs Section, Agricultural and Infrastructure Section, Ad-ministration Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office.‬
District Chief Telephone: ‬06-6223016


Chief Secretary‭ ‬Telephone‭: ‬06-6223980


Civil affairs Humanities Section Telephone: ‬06-6221247‭; ‬FAX‭: ‬06-6223371
In charge of: Autonomous administration, elections, operations and management of the district activity center, land administra-tion, 37.5% arable rent reduction, management of public ceme-teries, folk customs and religious rituals, celebrations and festi-vals, historical sites and documents, village administration, cul-tural education, environment sanitation, public health, national education, national athletics, maintenance and management of sports venues, civil defense support, disaster prevention and re-lief, military service administration, library management, ad-ministration of indigenous peoples, administration of Hakka people, and other affairs, mediation, and administrative tasks as-sociated with civil governance.


Social Affairs Section‭ ‬Telephone‭: ‬06-6221245‭; ‬FAX‭: ‬06-6220704
In charge of: Social welfare, social support, accommodation of disaster victims and senior citizens living alone, National Health Insurance, labor administration, cooperatives, commu-nity development, promotion of demographic policies and new immigrant counseling and servieces, National Pension, em-ployment consultation, civil groups counseling, and other so-cial affairs.


Agricultural and Infrastructure Section Telephone: ‬06-6221246‭; ‬FAX‭: ‬06-6222031‭, ‬06-6225075
In charge of: Management of agriculture, forestry, animal hus-bandry and fisheries, promotion of agriculture, management of agricultural chemicals and food production, investigation of transport and sales of agricultural produce and status, indus-try survey and analysis, industry development and promotion, ecological conservation, animal vaccination, animal conserva-tion, animal rearing administration, park management and maintenance, civil engineering, urban planning, non-urban land planning, public construction, road maintenance, agricul-tural road improvement, farmland readjustment, storm drain and sewage drain construction, water engineering, minor con-struction at the village-level, traffic, tourism, simple public wa-terworks, building management, investigation and reporting of illegal construction, soil and water conservation, conserva-tion of sloped land, public businesses, fair trade, consumer protection, street lamps maintenance, parking lots administra-tion, industrial and business administrative management and other issues associated with infrastructure.


Administration Office‭ ‬Telephone‭: ‬06-6221245
In charge of: Evaluation and research, documentation, stamps and seals, routine clerical affairs, purchasing and tendering, management of janitorial and temporary staff, office area management, financial and asset management, information technology management, filing, cashiering, tax auditing and collection support, public services, press release, public rela-tions, and other affairs, laws, complaints and petitions, na-tional compensation, and affairs that are not under section specific.‬


Personnel Office‭ ‬Telephone‭: ‬06-6224029
In charge of‭: ‬Personnel management‭.‬


Accounting Office‭ ‬Telephone‭: ‬06-6223164
In charge of‭: ‬Budgeting‭, ‬accounting‭, ‬and statistics‭.‬


Civil Service Ethics Office‭ ‬Telephone‭: ‬06-6225474
In charge of: Staff corruption prevention, investigation, han-dling, and reporting of corruption, civil ethics reforms advice, and agency maintenance..‬